President Trump turned to evangelicals for a little divine intervention,

Evangelical leaders who held an impromptu meeting with President Trump on Monday took a moment to hold a prayer session in the Oval Office and the intimate moment President Trump turned to evangelicals for a friendly audience, and perhaps a little divine intervention earlier this week is now going viral.

President Trump who has a strong base with the Evangelical community is seen in a heartfelt moment with evangelical leaders earlier this week. President Trump with Vice President Mike Pence in attendance is seen bowing his head in a prayer circle.

Photos posted to social media over the last two days show the group circling Trump, with their hands on his shoulders and back, and their heads bent in prayer.

When President Donald Trump speaks to evangelicals, he often portrays himself as their patron, protecting churches and ministries from secular elitists and big bad bureaucracies. “As long as I’m President, no one is going to stop you from practicing your faith or from preaching what is in your heart,” Trump told evangelicals at the Faith & Freedom Coalition last month in Washington.

The President has repeated that pledge — at a Rose Garden ceremony, a commencement address at Liberty University, and, most recently, a concert in Washington hosted by a Baptist church from Dallas.